Saturday, March 12, 2011

Kiss and Tell

So I decided to start off my March blog posts with something short, sweet and mighty tasty...kisses <3   (okay well the good ones are tasty)

There's nothing more wonderfully simple than sharing a kiss with your true love or love of hour. It can end a night with the right amount of romance or start it off with a bit of fiery lovin, either way I love kissing...and clearly telling ;)

My Kiss Meter:

Terrible kiss: Devoid of passion, bad breath, trying too hard to impress, nothing going on besides the kiss, total snooze fest.

Bottom line: It's boring...I'd have more fun making out with myself.

Not terrible, but still bad kiss: Passionate, tornado tongue action, way too wet, over-kill on the heavy petting.

At least there's some passion behind this one! This kiss is usually the work of an eager beaver.

Okay kiss: keeps it soft, nothing extra...remains the same throughout the kiss.

Aww he's sweet and he likes me.......I hope :/

Great kiss: Passionate, Good balance of the french goodness, great breath, hands roamin around in all the right ways (but not too much)

Yup...I like where this is going...sign me up for more of this!

Amazing kiss: Everything from a great kiss + breaks of a little eye contact, tousling my hair, touching my face, whispering something flattering and keeping it spicy without getting too crazy. don't remember your name...but you can tell it to me on the way to the boudoir ;)

Heavenly kiss: An extended, soft kiss on lips repeated by many small sweet kisses + hand holding

"So this is love" song starting to play in my head

Heartbreaker kiss (my favorite kiss): Kiss on the palm of the hands

Oh Hi Prince Charming :) ....I didn't know you frequented the bar scene

Adorable kiss: Kiss on the forehead or shoulder

So cute that I want to cook you a four course dinner. 

Curious to know which ones you've had and if I've left any out!
A big kiss to all of you who are reading *MUAH* <3 ;)

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  1. Ah! So cute that I want to cook you a four course dinner! I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one who can go a little crazy for an adorable kiss. :) :)