Monday, January 31, 2011

4 Things that Women Look for in Men

Alright guys, I'll skip the bull and tell you what women notice right off the bat. Doesn't matter where you are or who you're with, these traits are on the pass/fail list that women carry around in their heads...but really it's a lot easier than guys think.

So here are the top 4 things on a woman's checklist:

Now this almost goes without saying, but women want a man that is completely comfortable being who he is, no matter if he's short, tall, dorky, chubby or whatever. If a guy is insecure about himself, we will smell it a mile away...and keep our distance. Confidence is always sexy, and I know many women who have accepted dates from men they didn't find attractive right off the bat, but they had the nerve to come right up and start a conversation. Even if you're scared shitless to talk to women, if you make the effort to just say hello and give us a genuine compliment, it says that you've got something to offer us. And please not send a guy over to let us know that you are interested. Even if you're shy, by sending another guy over to do your bidding makes you look like a wimp, even if you're cute. And let's say you're not very confident, which a lot of guys aren't--it's important to fake it. If you really want to attract that hot girl you've been eyeing all night, then you need to grow a pair and make a move. Because any girl who knows her worth will not approach you first.

Now this one is a biggie, and it seems to really irk some guys. Guys always tell me how women are always after a man's wallet. And to this I say, yeah of course they are, just like guys are always after a woman's you know what. And just like not all guys are scumbags, all women are not vampires trying to suck you dry. What is important to a woman, is that a man is giving.... and a man can give in many ways without spending a fortune. Plain and simple, women will appreciate a man who is willing to give. Whether that be compliments, time, thought, effort, sexual favors or small gestures that let us know you truly appreciate us. A giving man is always a keeper.

Now, I realize that not all guys are blessed with comedic talent, and the good news is most women don't require that of their men. But what is most important is that a guy is able to smile and laugh (when appropriate), and just show that he's capable of having fun. Humor is all about enjoying life and not taking it too seriously. So when you're able to really laugh and let loose, it shows us the type of person you are. No one wants to be with someone who can't let go and enjoy themselves. Women adore a man who can make them laugh or laugh with them, because it makes us feel comfortable with them. And if we're not comfortable, we'll probably be getting the hell out of there.

Social Skills
I can't tell you how many times my girlfriends and I thought a guy was attractive, but within a minute of hearing him talk, thought umm....NO THANKS! These turn offs include: excessive swearing, rude behavior, being too intoxicated, trying to dance with a girl (but not asking and looking like a creeper), bragging about how wealthy, smart, attractive you are, talking to a girl with wandering eyes....and a variety of other annoying behaviors that are just plain wrong. Here's a good rule of thumb, if you're mom wouldn't approve, odds are it's a bad move. A guy who is socially retarded, is quite invaluable to a woman, because the truth is we need approval from our social circle. No woman wants to get hammered with advice from her girlfriends and defend that kind of behavior. Kindness and respect is all you need, and will get you far.

Any Questions? Post and I'll Answer ;)